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Introduction to Acting
Monologue Jam !

MONOLOGUE JAM is the 90-minute informal performance slot where we form a small audience for everyone to run through two pieces out of the material you’ve found.  Each actor is allotted equal time.  

If nothing else, you will find a Monologue Jam workshop excellent sight-reading practice!

MONOLOGUE JAM ! Try out your piece(s) script-in-hand in

Once you’ve found interesting pieces, get a feel for them by finding a corner in The Red Hedgehog (we have two spaces) and running through them out loud.  (You can’t do that in a bookshop or real library!)  All speeches are printed at A4 size, to facilitate script-in-hand sight-reading.

Try them out on the spot!

Browse through our large stock of CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY solo speeches from our Play Collection, all printed at A4 size and sorted into separate piles by GENDER, AGE BRACKET, PERIOD, STYLE, REGION
Each print-out includes a synopsis of the play and characters.

Select as many speeches as you like.  

Browse speech print-outs (sorted by category)

Male / Female Speeches
We try to segregate the workshops by gender purely for practical reasons, to maximise their usefulness.  

If you urgently need material and can only come to a particular session, we will be able to provide material specific to you - if you let us know in advance.

Actors Training Studio has several hundreds of plays on site.  

Once you’ve found an interesting speech, you will be able to read the original plays during the last half-hour of the session. If more time is needed you can stay on for another hour at no further cost. (Free coffee provided!)

Alternatively, you can borrow plays by paying a deposit against return.

Access our PLAY COLLECTION and read the play!

Following the workshop, we will happily email you up to 6 speeches you found of interest, whether you chose them or someone else did.

Speeches emailed to you @

Browse our large collection of  CLASSICAL & MODERN speeches for great audition material !

Rehearse your favourites in a corner !

Try them out in front of the group in our unique MONOLOGUE JAM !

1 2 3 Create your perfect audition!


Single session - £12
Repeat sessions - £10
Pair booking - £20

Workshop Structure (3 hrs)
60 mins: Selection / Tryout
90 mins: Monologue Jam
0 mins: Read/borrow plays

Maximum in workshop -

Booking Info

An unbeatable resource for us actors. There was so much material I will go again when I can. There’s nothing like it in London.  There’s loads of space for going through pieces, they give you free coffee, they really help you.  The Monologue Jam was interesting too.  Just fantastic. Gemma Philipson

No better way to prepare for drama school auditions.  Found my classical piece here and an amazing contemporary piece. They’ve got piles of pieces and they organise it really well.  In 3 hours - job done, came away with what I needed. Timesaver. Tony Burns

What an amazing resource!  I loved the way the material was so clearly organised - not a second is wasted faffing about.
Highly recommended.

Joanna Murphy

This workshop was a lucky find for me.  I always struggled to find good audition speeches. Anyone trying for drama school should attend.  The Monologue Jam part of it is excellent too.

Suzy McLaughan

Thursday 19 May  (women)

Thursday 2 June  (men)

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