Actors Training Studio awards a Further Training Bursary to one student per course, in the form of a reimbursement of the entire fee paid.

Further Training Bursaries

The bursary may be used to finance or contribute towards

The Bursary is awarded at the conclusion of each course to the student who, in the opinion of the course tutors and/or directors, has shown most consistent promise, professionalism and application.  

Further Training Bursaries are awarded on all workshops and courses provided the minimum student enrolment has been met (stipulated in each course details).    

All students on a qualifying course will be automatically considered for a
Further Training Bursary.  Actors must have booked the course in advance, to give them a chance to prepare for the workshop by reading the plays or text required for the course which are emailed in advance. Students attending courses which do not include material emailed in advance will be eligible for the course Bursary, so long as the fee has been paid in full at least 24 hours before the start.  

No bursaries will be awarded to a student who has arrived late for any class for any reason, except when the cause is a major public event resulting in severe travel disruption, or for incapacitating illness.  

Discussion between tutors will be democratic and unbiased.  The decision of the Panel will be absolutely final.  No appeals will be heard.

Notification of the award will be sent by email immediately. Bursaries worth over £500 may be publicised in The Stage.    

The Bursary may be used up in one or more segments at any time within a twelve-month period after being awarded.  Where a student has been awarded more than one training bursary, the value of each will be added to the student’s unspent Bursary Balance.  A statement showing the current balance will be available on request.

Where the Bursary is being used towards fees for non-Actors Training Studio training, the sum will be paid direct to the nominated training institution on behalf of the student. No bursary monies will be paid direct to any student in any circumstances.

When a particular Bursary is not used within the valid period, it will expire.   Any remaining balance accumulated from subsequent bursaries will remain current.    

Further Training Bursaries are awarded competitively, strictly according to merit, regardless of age, race, gender or physical ability, in accordance with Equal Opportunities good practice.

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