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ACTORS TRAINING STUDIO will award a bursary to ONE student at the conclusion of each course module, short course,  masterclass or ad hoc workshop who, in the judgement of course tutors and directors, has shown the most consistent promise, professionalism, commitment and application.  

Bursary Value

The value of each bursary will be stipulated with each course.

Qualifying Courses

Training Bursaries are awarded on each module of a course, for individual short courses and workshops and mastserclasses provided the minimum student enrolment has been met (clearly stipulated in each course details). All students on a qualifying course will be automatically considered for the bursary.


Training Bursaries are awarded competitively, strictly according to merit, regardless of age, race, gender or physical ability, in accordance with Equal Opportunities good practice.

Discussion between tutors will be based on professional experience and be unbiased and democratic.
The decision of the Panel will be final.  No appeals will be heard.  Notification of the awards will be sent by email immediately following the conclusion of the term for the course in question or at the end of a specific workshop or masterclass.
Bursary awards may be publicised in The Stage.    

Payment of Bursaries

No bursary monies will be paid direct to students.  
Bursaries will be issued in the form of credits against for any further module of any course or short course or standalone workshop or masterclass at Actors Training Studio.
Bursaries may also be used against private coaching with any tutor associated with the Studio.
In the final term of 2 and 3 year courses only, bursaries may be used to offset legitimate professional expenses such as headshots, showreels, studio costs for voice-over tapes or industry fees such as Spotlight or Equity.


No bursaries will be awarded to a student who has habitually arrived late for classes or missed classes without good cause.

Period of Validity

The Bursary may be used up in one or multiple segments at any time within a twelve-month period after being awarded.  When a Bursary is not used within the valid period, it will expire.    As bursaries are issued solely in response to a specific student’s work, unexpired Bursaries are not valid for transfer to another person.