Acting Tasters
Single Workshops


Cost: £24
Concessions: £15
(Claimants / Under 18s, Students / OAPs)

Course Info

Participants: Maximum - 12
Ages: - all ages (minimum 16)

Eligibility: Open enrolment

Access: Portaramp, accessible toilet


Feb 2016-17

Amazing that you can get this on Groupon.  Like spending the day at a drama school. Really good. Neena  (22)


Brilliant teacher.  I’ve gone to tasters before.  They weren’t a patch on this.  Seriously good.

Prakash  (29)

Crystal Palace

A really brilliant class. I learned loads.   If you want to try acting to see if you like it - this is the one to go to!

Kami & Paul  

Thanks Clare.  Helpful.  Learnt a lot.
Crystal Palace


A very interesting class.  I was surprised how much was covered in the time.  Informative and good fun! Anna Price (32)


Thought I might as well give it a go, pleased I did.  It was packed with info, but still relaxed and friendly. Thanks.  Have recommended.
Allan Hicks (61)

A thorough class.  Commendable.
Anwar Patel (32)


Good stuff!   For a drop-in, this was full-on.

Tom Whittaker  (40s)


That TV script thing we did was amazing! Wow!

Anne Carpendale (22)

Very highly recommended. You can quote me!

Tess Cowley (34)



If you want to get some fundamentals, this is the workshop to go to.
John Downes (42)

It was serious and I learnt a lot in one session.  My favourite exercise was the TV script.  Fascinating.

Judy Chang (27)

Definitely want to do more of this.  Thanks a lot. It was great.  
Jane Whyte (28)

I’ve been wanting to act since I was little. Now I’ve got the bug!

Suzy Davis (35)


I wasn’t scared at all in the end! I found it absorbing and really interesting.  Thanks.
Tess Williams  (24)



Introduction to Acting for Adults

A  3-hour intensive class for adults
with an interest in acting, including
improvisation and work on scripts.

The class begins with improvisation, followed by work in pairs on a TV script exercise (that will really get your acting juices going!), before moving on to some brief work on text from contemporary plays.

If you’ve never tried acting before, our popular taster workshop will give you an insight into how stimulating and enjoyable it can be!  

No need to bring anything with you except
your curiosity, energy and enthusiasm!

Want to come along?

Please EMAIL US to add your name to a participant list.

Please note it is NOT possible simply to show up unannounced
as there are only so many places available per class.

Next Dates


Please contact us for additional dates, which will be scheduled in due course.

Please note that not all sessions will take place. The ideal number of participants for our taster workshop is 6-10.  The minimum is 4.  We arrange our taster workshops only once we have enough names for a session,


Saturday 4

12pm - 3pm

Saturday 11

2pm - 5pm

10am - 1pm

6.30pm - 9.30pm

Thursday 9

6.30pm - 9.30pm

Thursday 16

Saturday 18

12pm - 3pm

Saturday 25

2pm - 5pm

10am - 1pm

6.30pm - 9.30pm

Thursday 23

6.30pm - 9.30pm

Thursday 39